Welcome Back!

Welcome back to www.ww2homefront.com !!! Certainly you're wondering or have wondered what the heck happened to this website, a website that reached its peak in 2002. Well its kind of a wild story but let me brief you on what transpired. The website was apparently located on the same server as the White House in Washington D.C. and there was some kind of security penetration. So the FBI/Secret Service confiscated the server and my website with it !!! It was a number of years until it was re-released. And when it was released we found there was abundant data lost. When we looked for our backups we couldnt find them. The website looked like it had vanished for good. Fortunately the back ups were located a year or so later. But much of the code had to be redone which was very expensive. Since I was at the time collecting heavily I did not have extra cash to afford the renovation of the website. So the website stagnated. And stagnated. And stagnated.... But once out of medical residency for the second time I now had the time and the duckets to renovate the site. You are now witnessing a grand rebirth of this website and we are thrilled that you have hung in with us over these years. We still have many broken links and remnants of code long outdated. So this is a work in progress. But we are now aggressvely reviving our marquis features and we have eliminated features that are spam prone, pop-up prone and those under-utilized and too expensive to maintain. So once again we cant tell you how happy we are you have dropped in. Home Front is alive and well and we cant wait to start expanding our picture archives. Thanks to all and we'll see ya here at the one and only headquarters of WWII Home Front, www.ww2homefront.com.


Frank Arian, MD