September 2002
Volume 1

ITEM DESCRIPTION: This set of 3 uncut victory paper doll books measures 4" x 11" and each contains 4 pages. These were produced by the Samuel Lowe Company of Kenosha, WI. The red book features Ruth of the Stage Door Canteen on the front and Glenna the USO entertainer on the back. The yellow book has Eleanor the OCD plane spotter on front and Jessie the listener on the back. The blue book has Ann the Schoolteacher on the Ration Board on front and Nurse's Aid Steele on the back. Condition is rated as excellent.

Analysis: This fairly uncommon set of paper dolls of which we see maybe 5 a year, is quite sought after by doll collectors, toy and homefront collectors. These are a very attractive item as they are a window into the past. A chance to glimpse the fashion and hair styles of the period. They are colorful and cross collectible. They incorporate women on the homefront, children on the homefront and victory collectibles; all keystone areas of homefront collecting. They display well and thus all in all value out at about 25.00 to 35.00 each or 80.00 to 100.00 for the set. The very knowledgeable collector who purchased these paid, I believe slightly under their value.

Conclusion: a good solid buy !!!

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ITEM DESCRIPTION: This auction was for the June 1943 issue of Motor Age magazine. It measures out to about 8.5" x 11". It is rated in quite fine condition.

Analysis: Motor Age produced a series of anti-axis covers over a stretch during WW2 that were really terrific. They used a paucity of colors but the cartoonwork was really quite good. The three stooges were pictured in all sorts of trouble from sinking boats to flying out of trucks. When shrinkwrapped down they REALLY display well and are often a focal point of an ephemera collection. Estimated value of each issue is 20.00 to 25.00. This astute collector paid far far below the value of this item. These are really something to watch for!!!! We have about 8 or 9 issues.

CONCLUSION: a fabulous purchase far below value!!!

ITEM DESCRIPTION: 1943 edition of Bushido by Alexander Pernikoff. Rated in excellent condition.

ANALYSIS: This is a great piece of anti-Japanese propaganda from the period. It is a much sought after book and as usual, reflects the American paranoia of others meddling with their white women. It displays very well, is quite uncommon with fewer than 5 per year coming up and is valued at 30.00 to 40.00 in very good condition. This seller had incorrectly graded this book as excellent when clearly the cover is NOT in excellent condition.

CONCLUSION: A good buy just below value.

ITEM DESCRIPTION: A pair of 6.5" square potholders with V for victory and remember pearl harbor logos. In good condition.

ANALYSIS: These are two very sought after pot holders. They are colorful, bag two keystone areas of homefront, and cross collect with period linen and kitchenware, RPH, and VFV. The logos are large and shrinkwrapped onto foamboard they display VERY VERY well. Valued at $30.00 to $35.00 each the set brings about $75.00. This collector bid almost half the value of these terrific items. An auction by the way, that we were following but missed.

CONCLUSION: A superb buy almost one half their value

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ITEM DESCRIPTION: A 3.5" pocket knife with RPH and the date of infamy inscribed on the handle. It says Honolulu, T.H. which of course stands for territory of Hawaii. Recall HI was not a state yet. It is in worn but good condition. Manufacturer is unclear.

ANALYSIS: RPH pocket knives are in my opinion one of the more overrated, over priced of homefront items. Most are not that uncommon and they are quite small and dont display that well. Their designs are usually quite drab. While this knife is of quite boring design it is not that common which makes up for it in terms of value.In its described condition I would value this at $75.00, exactly what this bidder had paid.

CONCLUSION: Average purchase of same value

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ITEM DESCRIPTION: 35" x 23" hand stitched period victory flag in a material that feels like silk. Good condition.

ANALYSIS: Home sewn items were very common on the home front and here we have a very nice example of a V flag. The V is stitched in the stars and bars on a deep blue background. This is a very nice example and really reflects the mood and the passion on the home front. It is certainly one of a kind and is valued at $125.00 to $175.00, double what this astute bidder paid.

CONCLUSION: A fabulous buy at less than one half its value.

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ITEM DESCRIPTION: This is the classic upright anti-mussolini ashtray by Bassons Dummy products. It is in fair condition with fading but no cracks. It is 5" high. On the bottom is a round label that reiterates the title, Ram-bunk-shus Benito; "Mussos mouth is large and round The noise it makes is an awful sound. Here's a likeness of his face. Dump your refuse in the proper place".

ANALYSIS: This is one of the three MOST sought after ashtrays to come out out WWII. Bassons Dummy products made a set of three upright and three flat ashtrays. They were ceramic and were caricatures of hitler, mussolini and tojo. The uprights are particularly sought after as they display much better than the flatties and have truly magnetic appeal. They each came with a hangtag and a tag affixed to the bottom. Mint specimens are very hard to come by and with both tags intact can fetch up to $900.00 each. tojo is the rarest of the uprights and mussolini of the flatties. This fair condition upright musso, most common of the uprights, was a steal at $21.50. But in ceramics, condition is everything and as you approach mint the price skyrockets. Still a very good value at this bid price. In this condition I'd value this ashtray at $125.00 to $150.00.

CONCLUSION: A steal at $21.50.

ITEM DESCRIPTION: Junior Aircaft Warning Service of America Observation kit by the Leo Hart Co., dated 1943, mint in the envelope. Measures 7.5" x 10.5". 32 photos of aircraft, with observation post sign, membership card etc..

ANALYSIS: This is a dead mint warehouse find that a publisher in the midwest came up with. It is a terrific childs toy designed to enlist children in the daily task of watching for enemy planes. He has a hundred of these as I have talked with him personally. Were this item not listed constantly it would be fetching MUCH MUCH higher prices. This is a perfect example of a warehouse find driving prices down despite the high quality of the find. This item is simply a must have in EVERY homefront collection and now is the time to grab it. It will never be cheaper than it is now. I value this item at $50.00 to $70.00 despite the current abundance. When supplies from Mr. Mashburn run out this item will almost triple in value. I can't tell you just how dead mint these are!!!! Grab at least one...

CONCLUSION: A great buy at less than 1/2 to 1/3 the value once supplies run out. One of the most undervalued items available today.

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Here is a great WWII puzzle called "Put hitler in the Doghouse" by Zen of Bridgeport, CT. It measures 4.5" x 3.5". Great graphics on the cover. In great condition.

ANALYSIS: This little bugger is quite hard to come by and we see probably less than 5 a year at all auctions we watch. It was a novelty produced in fair numbers but many were lost or destroyed. For its size it is overpriced particularly in light of its display value nonetheless the degree to which it is uncommon makes up for that in terms of value. I paid $150.00 for a dead mint one and value this one at closer to $110.00 to $125.00. It is one of those gotta haves despite its high price tag so at some point you'll have to pay it. Thus better pay it sooner than later. These won't go down. This bidder was way off the mark and was either scamming for a bargain or had no idea what he was getting into. His top bid was 1/3 the value of the item.

CONCLUSION: Unsuccessful attempt at stealing an uncommon item at 1/3 its value.

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ITEM DESCRIPTION: The Blackout Kit dated 1942 by the Vernon Co., Newton, IA. Condition is good to very good and measures 9.5" x 15.5" x 2". Contents complete. No repairs.

ANALYSIS: This item has some of the most fabulous graphics of any board game that came out of the period. In a glass showcase it is simply entrancing due largely to the 3-D effect of the artwork and color choices. It is also quite large which further helps displayability. Inside are the Cardboard Glow Blackout Cut-Outs which are shrinkwrappable and hence displayable on their own. Thus two great displayable pieces for one price. These are hard to find in suitable condition and we see 5 -10 per year. However ones in at least this condition are seen at only 3-4 per year, roughly 1/3 of all them. We value this item in this condition at $125.00 to $150.00. The successful bidder paid 7 or 8 fold LESS THAN what the item is worth. This is thus our DEAL OF THE MONTH and was the most fabulous purchase we saw anyone make this month. Fortunately it was us...

CONCLUSION: Deal of the Month at under 20 bucks.

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