November 2002
Volume 3

Welcome to another edition of's AUCTION WATCH. What a month it has been. The gavel has fallen and we were there to bring you the scoop on the latest buys and market trends.

ITEM DESCRIPTION: This is a tin license plate topper made by the Mayer Manufacturing Corp. of Chicago, IL. It is standard size, in unused shape with minor storage wear. Emblazoned "Keep 'Em Flying".

Analysis: This is a reasonably uncommon license plate topper from the period. In nice condition, good graphics, and keystone homefront category. Despite my opinion that toppers remain one of the most overpriced of homefront items as a group, they continue to fetch high prices. This topper values out at about 110.00 in this condition mostly due to its reasonably uncommon availability.

Conclusion: A good buy at just under value.

ITEM DESCRIPTION:This is a standard size matchbook from the period that is titled, "Strike 'Em Dead; Remember Pearl Harbor". It is a feature matchbook and each match is a jap soldier so that when the match is struck, the jap soldier burns from the head down.

Analysis: This matchbook is complete and in mint condition. Does not feature a spot striker like the classic hitler matchbook. Has double homefront keystone areas, RPH and anti-axis and is a primo example of one of the most valuable matchbooks of the period. It is more uncommon than the hitler matchbook. It values out in this mint condition at about 50.00-75.00. Had the graphics of the matchbook been stronger with a spot striker the value would be closer to 100.00.

CONCLUSION: A good buy well below value of a fairly uncommon item.

ITEM DESCRIPTION: This is a license plate topper measuring 4.5" x 5" made of tin. It says "Remember Pearl Harbor" and features a V with morse code flanked by two flags. In very good to excellent condition unused but with some scuffing.

ANALYSIS: This is a fairly common topper as homefront toppers go. It comes up quite a bit at perhaps 15 a year. The seller has overrated the condition and the scuffing drops it closer to very good to excellent. It is a double keystone homefront piece, RPH and VFV, and additionally has good patriotic appeal because of the flags set in a V. Overall a very nice topper that should be apart of a homefront collection and values out at about 100.00 mostly due to the keystone areas. Were it a bit more uncommon it'd value out closer to 125.00.

CONCLUSION: An average buy at or just below value.

ITEM DESCRIPTION: A terrific one sheet movie poster from a 1944 feature called, "You Can't Ration Love" starring Betty Rhodes. It measures out to 27" x 41". It is in overall fine condition.

ANALYSIS: This is a terrific movie poster from the period in typical one sheet size. In good shape, great graphics and with a keystone homefront theme not often seen in movie posters, rationing!! It is also a movie cross collectible of course!! Reasonably uncommon and a really great find. It values out close to 125.00 in sold condition. This item points out the need to watch for items out of the usual. This really great rationing item was found in an unusual place amongst the period movie posters. It was purchased by one of our circlemates. Great buy Rick!!!!

CONCLUSION: A simply fabulous buy and great find at 1/5th to 1/6th of items value!!!!!

ITEM DESCRIPTION: This is a 4.5" x 6" sheet of period toilet paper in good condition and yes, unused. It says "Wipe Out hitler". Unknown manufacture.

ANALYSIS: This great period piece is fairly hard to come by because of its fragility. It is more often seen on the roll. It poses one of the more difficult pricing dilemmas. The roll in mint condition values out at about 125.00. The roll however has other sayings and graphics that are less strong and less desireable. So how much should a single sheet of this toilet paper with the best of all the graphics cost? Should it be the value of the roll divided by the number of sheets of this great graphic? Or should it be based on the intrinsic value of the sheet itself without regard for the price of the roll? Well, in my opinion this item values out at $15.00 because it has good displayability, is uncommon, has a great storyline and is an anti-axis keystone. I am not sure how many of this particular sheet are in the original roll. But I think it is reasonable to list this value as above. It is a cool piece to have. The Buy It Now price was $26.99 and the item went unbid. I think the homefront buyers did well in passing this one up. I think Charlie Snyder listed this at double its value. Many of his items are overpriced (Ebay ID: Snyderstr).

CONCLUSION: Unbid at double its value. Great job passing on this one!!!!

Reserve not met at $31.00. Relisted and reserve met at $50.00
ITEM DESCRIPTION: An unopened package of period matchboxes all full and in dead mint condition including the package. Included is a separate matchbox to display with the sealed package.

ANALYSIS: I'm really glad this item came up because I get a lot of calls about how to value displays and case lots. Here's how I go about it... I appraise the value of a single unit, in this case a single matchbox and multiply that value times the number of units in the case or display. Then I appraise the empty display and add that to the sum. Then I tack on 10% of the total sum to the sum to achieve the final appraised value. That 10% is a fudge factor that compensates for the difficulty in finding intact displays and their relative rarity and helps to discourage the breakup of displays. On the really rare displays in mint condition the fudge factor can extend up to 25%. So in this case each matchbox in dead mint condition values out at about $8.00 - $10.00 since there are multiple keystone areas, VFV, Keep 'Em Flying and Buy Bonds, taking into account the fact that the single matchboxes are reasonably common. So taking the low value of 8.00 times 10 units is 80.00 plus another 8.00 for the extra eleventh box included makes $88.00. Then add about 8.00 for the value of the stand-alone wrapper makes $96.00. Tack on the 10% intact display fudge factor which also compensates for the fact that the intact case is verrry uncommon and you get the appraised value of $105.00. So now you know. I hope this dispells the myth that displays and case lots somehow cost less because when you buy bulk it is cheaper. That applies at CostCo and Target, not in the world of collectibles.

CONCLUSION: A great buy at 50% of the items value.

Reserve not met at $40.89. Relisted and reserve not met at $31.23.
ITEM DESCRIPTION: This is a period board game dated 1942 by Toy Creations of Ny, NY called, "Spot-A-Plane". In 8/10 condition. Game No. 236.

ANALYSIS: This is a seldom seen board game from 1942 in very nice condition. It features a Civil Defense keystone and is a wonderful find. Curiously it did not draw a lot of bidders which in my opinion may reflect the recent depressed market. In this condition the game values out at $150.00-$175.00.

CONCLUSION: A very nice item far underbid by the few bidders present during both auction periods.

Unbid at $25.00
ITEM DESCRIPTION: Royal Canadian Perfume bottle with blue bakelite screw cap, all measuring 5" tall. V on bottle with Canadian target.

ANALYSIS: An uncommon Canadian homefront item with VFV keystone and perfume/vanity cross collectibility. Values at $25.00.

CONCLUSION: Unbid at opening bid that equalled value.

FINAL BID: $37.58
This is a period wall hanger emblazoned, "Remember Pearl Harbor" featuring Uncle Sam rolling up his sleeves. Original wood hanger with rope. Some staining and frayed edges. Size not listed but suspect 9" x 12".

ANALYSIS: This is only the second one of these we have seen so it is quite uncommon. It features three keystone areas, VFV, RPH and Uncle Sam. The diving planes suggest a KEF keystone. Condition is 4-5/10 but its complete with original hanger and rope. Values out at $100.00 in this marginal condition. A dead mint one might fetch $200.00-$225.00. Purchased by one of our circlemates! Nice buy John!!!!!

CONCLUSION: A solid buy of a very uncommon RPH item at 1/3rd its value.

ITEM DESCRIPTION: This is a complete cardboard victory lunchbox with its packaging put out by the B.F. Goodrich Company. No size listed. Some storage marks prevents this from being dead mint. There is a 10 cent price written on the packaging in wax pencil. Includes packing pamphlet.

ANALYSIS: Whoa dogggggggyyyyyy!!!!! This is one very rare bird!!!! We have seen only one other one of these about a year ago and we lost it to one of our circlemates, Brian Wensel, at a final bid of over $200.00. It however did not include the packaging. And voila up it comes again and this time we were there to nail the whole kit and kaboodle. This cardboard lunchbox was sold never assembled in mint condition save a few storage marks, with the original wrapper it was supplied in that has a few defects and some writing on the front. Also included is the pamphlet telling how to pack a nutritious boxed lunch. We spoke with the seller of this item who incidentally was the same vender as last year and the story goes that he was at a swap meet in the San Jose Area where he picked up a total of five of these lunchboxes, not all with the original packaging. He paid just a couple of bucks for them. With the knowledge that there are a total of five of these available coupled with the fact that we nor anyone else in our circle has ever seen them before, conservatively value this lunchbox kit at $150.00. It has VFV and Dame For Defense/War Worker keystones and is homefront and lunchbox cross collectible. It is a great displayable piece and was one of the most desireable of all pieces to come up for sale this month.

CONCLUSION: An average buy of a very rare, sought after homefront collectible at value.

ITEM DESCRIPTION: This period advertising piece is a display board for Lux soap and measures 15.5" x 17.5". It is in fair condition.

ANALYSIS: Period advertising has its own cult following. This is a nice display board for Lux and has a conservation keystone. It is cross collectible with homefront, soap and advertising areas. Good size, good colors, fair condition sets this value at about $50.00.

CONCLUSION: An average buy at value.

ITEM DESCRIPTION: A 15" x 24" metal sign that was nailed to a tree on a country road during wartime advertising war machinery built by the Adams-Barre Co. in Columbus, Ohio. Fair condition.

ANALYSIS: This is a fairly drab period advertising piece from Colombus, Ohio and values out at $40.00 or so based on size, material and provenance.

CONCLUSION: Good buy at below value.

ITEM DESCRIPTION: A vintage Morse Code tutor and training aid from the period in excellent condition and unused. Made by the Fairylite Company of London. A British homefront piece. Size not listed.

ANALYSIS: A very nice homefront piece from across the pond in Britain. Good graphics, VFV keystone. Nice condition. Values out at $45.00-$55.00.

CONCLUSION: A very solid buy at 1/4th the value.

ITEM DESCRIPTION: A piece of period sheet music by Mark Minkus published by The Patriotic Music Publishing Company of Ny, NY titled "V For Victory Is Our Shield". Has tape applied to front of cover.

ANALYSIS: An uncommon piece of sheet music as all Minkus pieces are, which unfortunately has been defaced by tape and with a paper pull. Values out at about $10.00. Were it mint it would fetch about $25.00.

CONCLUSION: Average buy at value.

ITEM DESCRIPTION: A mint condition burlwood pipe from the period carved into hitler's head, unused and measures 5.75" long. Some illegible writing on side of pipe.

ANALYSIS: A fabulous anti-axis piece in mint condition and one we have never seen before. Values out at $150.00 and is a homefront and tobacciana cross collectible with an anti-axis keystone.

CONCLUSION: A steal at $72.00.

ITEM DESCRIPTION: "Smash The Axis" battle set period paper toy dated 1943 with manufacturer not listed. Measures 9" x 12" but is unclear whether it is boxed or in an envelope. We suspect it is a thin box.

ANALYSIS: This was one of the heavyweight items to come up for bid this month. This paper toy set has some of the most fabulous anti-axis graphics you'll ever see with hitler, mussolini and a jap soldier fleeing for their lives from the approaching armada. It is in fabulous unused condition but is listed as mint and the storage defects are readily visible on the item. Just to clarify, MINT means in the same identical condition it was in when the item rolled out of the factory. If there was a production defect then the item is still mint despite the flaw so long as it is in the SAME condition it was when it left the factory. As you can imagine truly MINT homefront items are seldom seen and usually are warehouse finds. This seller (radattictoys) frequently overrates condition and has been the recipient of negative feedback from me. Nonetheless the toy is still fabulous and a very rare bird. The first we've seen and absent from the big anti-axis collection harbored in the Eastern U.S..

CONCLUSION: Valued at $300.00 easy and without reservation.

ITEM DESCRIPTION: This is a period toy "Victory Tank" with original box. Toy is mint and box has slight defect with torn flap. Made by the Richard Appel Co., Ny, NY.

ANALYSIS: A great toy with the rare original box in good shape. VFV keystone with homefront, military and toy cross collectibility. Values out at $65.00-$75.00 without the box and about $100.00 with the box.

CONCLUSION: A steal at $28 bucks...

ITEM DESCRIPTION: "Victory Candy Cuts" 1# tin made for the Edward Schwarz Company, Brooklyn, NY. Some damage to label.

ANALYSIS: An uncommon candy tin wth some damage. Has VFV keystone and cross collects with homefront, candy and tin collectors. Values out at $30.00 in this condition.

CONCLUSION: Nice buy at eleven bucks.


The "Can't Ration Love" Poster at just over 20 bucks.

AUCTION LANDSCAPE STATUS: Still a buyers market. Marquis items still fetching value or occasionally over value but over 50% of less expensive items still selling below value. Still time to buy...