Welcome to ww2homefront.com's "Auction Watch". Each month we'll review a number of auctions that took place over the interim. As a prelude to our "Online Price Guide", we'll take a peek at what various items are fetching at auction. We'll analyze the item and its final bid and establish whether in our opinion the winner made a good buy or whether the item was overbid. We'll keep a watch for rare items and will comment on the numbers of various items that we have seen and are seeing. Our goal is to assist in establishing the apparent supplies of various homefront collectibles as an aid in their valuation, in the spirit of our Homefront Digest article on Valuation of Homefront memorabilia.

This column will provide a much needed current reference on what is happening on the auction landscape. While "Treasure Of The Month" does so in part for a single item, this column will do so for multiple items and will go into greater analysis on each item. We look forward to your frequent visitation and promise to make your journey here worthwhile. Thanks for visiting "Auction Watch".

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