Where and when the "V for Victory" icon began is not entirely clear. It can be traced back to WWI and was a familiar sight on banners prominently displayed encouraging investments in war loans and community chests. Regardless of its origin, during WWII it was the most famous of icons. The morse code for the letter V, dot-dot-dot-dash, became a part of the V for victory icon. V for Victory was truly ubiquitous. It was found on baseball uniforms and programs, movie bills, banks, vases, flags, banners, matchbooks, ashtrays, window displays, dolls, punchboards, jewelry, decals and the list continues. It came to signify America's undying support of its troops. Also it served to program both soldiers and civilians for eventual victory. It could be seen even in the simple gesture of a hand, two fingers waved in the shape of a V. Peace through victory.

The V for Victory icon was so common, the sheer numbers of items potentially collectible must number in the tens of thousands. It is one of the largest areas of homefront subcollecting and some truly exceptional private collections abound. The icon has an almost hypnotic effect and no doubt has captivated reams of collectors.


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