Welcome to WW2homefront's trivial pursuit challenge. We have compiled sets of questions and answers on various aspects of WWII and the American home front. Each set is composed of 10 questions that range from simple to difficult. So you think you're a WWII guru huh? Well Let's find out.

    Each test is designed to be 10 minutes long. Consider each question carefully. Multiple choice questions are hard to write. Don't just guess and throw in any answer. Think, reason and try to get the most out of these quizzes. Then read the correct answers. You'll become a knowledgeable collector in no-time.

To determine your award, match your percentage correct with the numbers listed below.

Purple Heart American Campaign Service Medal Good Conduct Medal WWII Victory Medal Flying Cross Bronze Star Silver Star Medal of Honor
0-10 20-30 40-50 60 70 80 90 100

Let the Games Begin!

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Game Two

Game Three

Game Four

Game Five

Game Six

Game Seven