May - June 2006

Welcome back to another edition of Treasure Of The Month sponsored by the one and only WW2HOMEFRONT.COM !! We're back from our foray in the jungles of the deep South Pacific with a trophy so outrageous we believe one has never been photographed before. So back up the Land Cruiser, pull the E-brake and lets get on out and show ya....

During WWII anti-axis propaganda was churned out and a population saturated. This propaganda ranged from subtle to brash; from tasteless and vulgar to classy and proper. Well we're busting things up big time this month with the most savage anti-axis novelty item ever photographed, ever mentioned. So for those of you out there who are as sick as I am of political correctness and all that BS, here it is. Raw propaganda ala WWII as only the greatest generation could have done it. It comes out of the Fleck Collection, now held in the Arian Collection. It is believed to be the only surviving specimen...

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This savage anti-axis novelty is unmarked and not dated. The top of the box is labelled, "Souvenir Of The Solomon Islands. Taken From A Japanese Soldier On The Battlefield. Embalmed In Australia". Gently lifting the fragile top of the aged yellow box reveals a severed japanese penis lying on a cotton like packing material. The penis appears circumcised. At the base of the penis are the bloody roots and stump where it was severed. Careful examination of the penis reveals its made of chalkware. This is actually a chalkware severed jap penis that was sold in novelty shops during the war. It just doesnt get much more raw than this. The most savage anti-axis item I believe has ever been photographed. We know nothing more about the piece. We suspect it might be an Aussie propaganda piece but cant be sure.

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So we quietly put the lid back on this incredible, raw, savage anti-axis collectible and return it to its proper place in the archive. The next time it surfaces, it will be in the Anti-axis book that I am collaborating on in the not too distant future.

Now back into the Land Cruiser we go in search of that incredible Home Front trophy that you crave. We'll brave the wildlands and we'll bushwhack our way out to see you again next time at the undisputed, undefeated heavyweight champion website of WWII Home Front, WW2HOMEFRONT.COM !!!!