June 2001

Welcome back to another edition of ww2homefront.com's Treasure of the Month!!!! And OHHHHHH DADDDDY have we got a big game beauty for you fresh off our collectible safari....

This jewel comes to you from Louisville, Kentucky. It appeared briefly on Ebay and went unsold, our 800.00 bid insufficient to reel it in. It is still available for sale as best we know and can be found in an archive at www.shellyquilts.com.

This month's big game item is an absolutely fabulous V quilt made in Ohio circa 1945. It's made of solid red, white and blue cotton which has been hand-pieced and quilted at 10 stitches per inch. Medium batting has been used with narrow blue binding and a red, white polka dot back. It measures a generous 74" x 82" and even has a sewn channel on the back so that it is ready to hang.

Most importantly for the collectors of the almighty V, it features 7 rows of 6 Vs for a whopping 42 Vs (as Daffy Duck would say "darool darool darool!!!" ). Does it or can it get any better than this!!!!? Beam me up Scotty I'm ready!!!! Stick a fork in me 'cause man o' man I'm done !!!!! OHHHHH DADDDDY.....

So why is it I'm so crazy about this item you ask? Well... First it's a cross collectible covering both quilts and homefront. Second, it's a keystone area of homefront, V For Victory. Third it's in fabulous condition. Fourth it's an absolute magnet for a homefront display with a generous size and stunning displayability. But fifth and most important is its sentimental quality. For me it conjures up images of a homefront sewing circle in front of a fireplace in some midwest town where the chatter of news of the boys far away is always the topic of the day, and where friends and family, whose bellies are empty, tires with no tread, cars with no gas, worn from the day's war work, get together and support one another and remember their loved ones fondly. All the while 18- and 19-year-old boys lie bleeding in the sands of Iwo Jima and Tarawa and in the hedgerows of France in service of their country. This is, from my perspective, as good as it gets. This quilt says it all and, for me, is what it's all about.

The vendor is asking 3000.00. In a brief conversation with her, my opinion is it's overpriced from a homefront perspective. But a quilting expert I am not and in the realm of quilts it may very well appraise at that price. For most of us we cannot afford pieces so lavish as this. Nonetheless we can enjoy them still, here, at the Treasure of the Month.

We are greatly appreciative of the vendor for providing us the pics so that we could feature this item. We encourage you to visit her site if you wish to purchase this item or if you want to learn more about quilts.

So back into the Land Rover we go, with pith helmet and binoculars in place searching for next month's big game collectible. Until then, watch out for lions in the auction bushes and we'll see you back here with another fabulous big game trophy. Thanks for visiting our Treasure of the Month. We enjoyed having you!!!

Remember Pearl Harbor,

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