Hello and welcome to ww2homefront.com's Treasure Of The Month. This is a monthly column written by the webmaster on a collectible from the 1940's homefront so fantastic, that it demands the spotlight!!! Every month we go on collectible safari and scour the auction and retail landscape looking for that big game item. The item is not always one that comes from our archives. In fact it is often an item that we were unable to secure but as a tribute to the seller and buyer, we feature it here for all to enjoy. Look for the Treasure Of The Month to possess some quality that makes it stand out. Be it rarity, cost, beauty, intellectual property or some important resounding homefront theme. The Treasure Of The Month will always be something to look forward to !!!!! We will archive each treasure and many will find their way to The Dream Gallery. We are pleased you have found your way here and promise to make your monthly journey here worthwhile.

Until then Happy collecting and... Remember Pearl Harbor.

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