July/August 2001

Welcome back to another edition of ww2homefront.com's Treasure Of The Month!!! Once again we have located another fabulous item and certainly one of the biggest trophies to ever cross the path of our Land Cruiser!!!!

This months treasure appeared briefly on Ebay and went unbid. It subsequently vanished from the auction landscape residing in an east coast archive and at last check, was still available for sale for $8000.00.

Featured below is an original oil painting from the Artists For Victory winner Seymour Fogel. Seymour Fogel was born in New York City on August 24, 1911. He attended The National Academy of Design. He also served as assistant to the reknowned Diego Rivera for a period of one year. He is considered to be a 20th century Modern artist. Back in the 1930's/40's he was a noted social realist painter and especially, muralist. His works have been exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art, The Corcoran Gallery, and Whitney Museum among others. In addition his works have been purchased by the Red Cross and the O.E.M. through national competitions during the war era.

Fogel's winning design in the Artists For Victory competition is featured on stamp #18 of the Series One Artists For Victory Stamp Set. It is titled "Deliver Us From Evil" and has an emaciated child in the foreground backed by barbed wire fences and a Nazi flag. The childs eyes are sunken, ribs prominent, and expression lifeless. It is a haunting, even chilling reminder of the cost of losing the war.

This oil offered for sale is double sided and measures 24" x 32". It is titled "Deliver Us From Evil" as well. Fogel has painted a tormented, lifeless women in the foreground in colors that are frigid. I feel a tremendous sense of desperation when I look at this image and can only imagine her loss. It also is a powerful reminder that victory was the only outcome lest the tyranny of the Nazis...

This is the first piece of original artwork we can recall ever seeing that was submitted to the Artists For Victory competition. To think that it is possible to own one of these original, fabulous works from the period is nothing short of intoxicating. I'll concede that to see this painting day in and day out on one's wall might not be the most uplifting. Nonetheless, this singularly unique piece of art is one of the mothers of all homefront collectibles and I can only wish it were in my collection. If you are interested in more information about this piece or if you would like more info on Seymour Fogel, you can access the archive's website at www.time-again.com.

Well, back into the Land Cruiser we go in search of that big game trophy. We have enjoyed having you once again and look forward to seeing you next month with another treasure from the auction outback. Until then, watch out for those lions in the auction bushes and we'll see ya soon.


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