Welcome to ww2homefront.com's "In The Spotlight". In this column written by the webmaster, we'll spotlight one collector every few months at irregular intervals. As devoted collectors of WWII homefront memorabilia we live all over the world. Separated by thousands of miles we are often linked only by the internet, occasional phone calls, and occasional projects or shows. This column will serve to close this distance and bring us together as a group in the true spirit of unity embraced by the victory era that we collect.

In this column we'll interview each collector and try to find out how they got started in collecting homefront. We'll try to glean valuable tips on preservation, display, bidding, buying, collection focuses and will discuss the current state of the hobby and what the future holds. But most importantly we'll post photographs of the collectors, their families, and their magnificent home displays.

We look forward to having you as both visitor and as a featured collector. We anticipate this will be a meaningful column and will serve to personalize our circle of collectors. We appreciate your support and thanks for visiting, "In The Spotlight".

Jim Lowe