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    Propaganda is the art of influencing others. During wartime in particular, propaganda is one of the most valuable tools. Pause for a moment to think about how crucial a proper mental attitude is to emerging victorious in any challenging endeavor. Sports, exams, aviation, construction, etc., all require the proper mindset to succeed. In wartime there are several hallmarks that propagandists adhere to. Soldiers and civilians must: 1. believe in what they are fighting for 2. believe they can win 3. believe the government is doing all it can to win 4. believe their fellow countrymen are doing all they can to win 5. believe their enemies deserve to lose 6. be taught how to win. Most of the WWII propaganda was targeted at achieving these ends.

    Some propaganda is very subtle and one doesn't even realize he is being manipulated. Vice versa, some propaganda is so overpowering it drops like a lead weight on one's skull. Some of the most intellectually stimulating of homefront collectibles are those subtle pieces of art that inconspicuously drive their messages home. There are tens of thousands of pieces of propaganda items created during the war. Technically most all homefront items can be grouped under propaganda. After all, most items fostered some degree of patriotism. Propaganda is the webmaster's personal favorite. Some of the art work is dazzling and some have an art deco influence that creates incredible images of patriotism. A carefully handpicked collection of WWII propaganda items makes for a fabulous display, stimulates conversation and is certain to increase in value.


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