War is a race to make things. Production, production, production. Ultimately, barring any massive military blunders and with the full support of civilians, industrial might (or at least a really good tunnel complex) wins wars. In the 1940's the United States had impressive reserves of raw materials and hints of industrial capability had been seen in years previous. A massive mobilization began with the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Raw materials were harvested. Waste was minimized and scrap was recycled to maximize productivity. A civilian workforce was recruited and the wheels turned.

    There are many aspects of production that need to be maximized in order to realize potential. The workforce needs to be motivated. A demoralized workforce creates sluggish production. They need to be well rested and they need to be present. Absenteeism is a terrible burden on production and is worsened by the pressure of rationing and homefront tension. Errors need to be minimized so that the quality of the product is good. Production waste needs to be minimized. The creation of excess scrap decreases maximum productivity. Many more exist and were addressed by the defense contractors and the U.S. Government. Tremendous amounts of propaganda and informational ephemera were generated to help boost production.

    Production collectibles are vast and cross several areas of homefront collecting. Dame for defense collectibles or women on the homefront collectibles are actually a subarea of production memorabilia. On this website they have been given special consideration. Production collectibles range from the mundane like overalls, ID cards and gloves to venomous anti-axis posters and brilliant bakelite sweetheart jewelry. Some of the most impressive and most famous artwork is found in this area of collecting and brings impressive prices at auction.


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