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War cries and rallying cries are as old as conflict itself. During the Mexican war of the 1840's, "Remember the Alamo" motivated men on the field of battle. Some 50 years later, "Remember the Maine" fueled the fire to fight during the Spanish American war. And just prior to America's entry into WWI, the sinking of the Lusitania and subsequent death of American citizens resulted in the cry, "Remember the Lusitania". This was heard in trenches and across the battlefields of Europe. World War II was no exception and what better single event to stir American emotion and the will to fight than the hideous, underhanded, backstabbing sneak attack on Pearl Harbor.

Thousands upon thousands of items were emblazoned with the battle cry. It remains one of the most popular subcollections of WWII homefront memorabilia. It is distinctively American, vast in its diversity, and reflects the passion with which Americans fought.


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