The American Morale is too high!!!

    Conservation of fighting strength is the slogan of the Medical Corps but in actuality it extends far beyond the battlefield. Maintaining morale on the homefront is crucial to conservation of fighting strength abroad. A demoralized civilian population is unable to support the fighting forces. It has been said that what results is comfort and aid to the enemy and eventual collapse of the war effort. We need only look 20 short years later during the 1960's to see evidence of this truth. Enough said about that... Keeping morale at a peak became a major focus of the government. This was despite the long grinding war and in the face of severe shortages, rationing and death of loved ones. Frequent writing to loved ones was encouraged. Theatres were packed, baseball stadiums mobbed, restaurants frequented and just about any activity that allowed for both physical and emotional escape from the severity of war time was undertaken.

    It can be argued that anything that is red, white and blue can be construed as patriotic and ultimately meant to foster morale. It follows then that the number of items is simply colossal and certainly numbers in the tens of thousands. Some of the most colorful, stimulating items can be found here.


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