The Minuteman

    One of the omnipresent icons of the war was the Minuteman. During the American Revolution, the minutemen were patriots who formed scattered militia and who were ready to fight the Redcoats in a moments notice. Their determination, readiness, and patriotism were unquestioned. Their effectiveness was extraordinary. Thus the Minuteman became an ideal icon for WWII. Portraying that same readiness, determination, patriotism, and effectiveness, it spurred Americans on in the prolonged war. The minuteman appeared on many collectibles from the era but is best known for its use in encouraging the purchase of US defense and war bonds. It appeared on sheet music, cinderellas, covers, postcards, posters, toys and so on. It was even featured in cartoons. Its prevalence on collectibles of the era led us to believe an archive featuring the classic minuteman icon would be a nice archive and addition to this site indeed.


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