The Media

    Media was very important during the war. It was the major means by which soldiers remained in touch with what was happening on the homefront as well as on the battlefield. It was just as important on the homefront and served as a means to keep civilians informed with what was happening on the homefront and on the battlefields afar. The media also served as a form of counter-intelligence by which false information could be supplied to the enemy. Media was also an important form of entertainment through photography and text as an escape from the daily war grind. But recall that in the 1940's the media and various mediums were very different than they are today. Perhaps the most significant difference is the absence of television during the war years. As a result, news was disseminated through periodicals, in theatres via newsreels, and via radio. As a result there are a lot of really neat things to collect: great magazines like the Saturday Evening Post and Liberty, radio trinkets, news reel advertisements, great patriotic hard back books, war edition paperbacks among others. So much to collect! So little time!


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