Shore Leave With Marty

    Welcome to my monthly column called, "Shore Leave With Marty". This column, the space of which has been generously provided by the webmaster, is a return trip to a simpler time . It is a nostalgic look at our country's wartime patriotic spirit and the events that changed our country and the course of modern civilization. Those special years when we were heros and citizen soldiers, and villains abounded! I'll take you on an entertaining, and sentimental journey through the good times and the bad times, when anything and everything seemed possible on the World War II homefront. I hope you will be a regular visitor to my column. If you have a nostalgic memory of the homefront and would like to share it with other readers, drop me a line. I'd love to hear from you. I'll try to integrate it into my column. So let's reminisce together.

    Ahoy there...

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