WWII was the stuff of legends as were the many personalities cast in its limelight. If one were to write a saga, could it be any more dramatic than what played out on the world stage in the 1940's ? And could the people who came to be everyday names in countries across the globe, be any more notorious, villified or heroic than those we watched and in whom our fate lied ? Probably not...

Think for a moment about the many personalities of that war. There was hitler, the short statured megalomaniac who made Satan like the Flying Nun, and who was as evil as evil could be; who married his mistress in his war bunker as Berlin fell, then double- suicided and had their bodies burned in a ditch by his countrymen. Mussolini, the gluttonous buffoon who resembled curly of the three stooges more than as a head of state and who was removed from office by force then publicly beaten and his body displayed for all to see . Tojo, the venomous slithering snake war monger with those innocent wide frame glasses and "so solly please" that kept his opponents offguard. Churchill, the seasoned ex-Secretary of the Navy and cigar smoking alcoholic who had a flare for steadfast, dramatic speeches and resembled a bulldog. Roosevelt, president of a nation not yet a super power who was too vain to allow the public see him in a wheelchair and who showed the world that people with disabilities can kick some serious tush before he died in office 4 months prior to the end of the war. Mac Arthur wading off the landing craft in khakis up to his knees in water with corn cob pipe later retreating in a PT boat under cover of darkness and exclaiming "I shall return" only to return later to annihilate the enemy. Paul Tibbets, the soft spoken pilot who named his bomber after his mother and carried the first atomic bomb that vaporized a city. General Doolittle whose team of pilots pulled an impossible mission from a destination called Shangri-La and successfully bombed the Japanese mainland only to crash land all over the orient from depleted gas reserves. And the list goes on... These people were larger than life and the stuff legends are made of. This section is our tribute to these amazing individuals for better or worse, who impacted our lives during WWII.


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