• Barbarossa: hitler's name for the operation to invade Russia.

  • Cinderella: A nonpostal stamp with no intrinsic value that was used to decorate postal items and other ephemera on the home front. Also a Disney character.

  • D-Day: Invasion of Normandy Beach, France on 6/6/44 but also a generic military term for the date and time of an attack.

  • Fascism: A term applied to right-wing advocates of totalitarianism and extreme nationalism. Fascism emphasizes the importance of the state rather than the individual, like communism but it does NOT call for state ownership of property.

  • Geneva Convention: This term refers to a series of international agreements aimed at ensuring the humane treatment of prisoners, civilians, and wounded soldiers in war.

  • Ground Zero: The point where a nuclear device is detonated.

  • Kamikaze: A special group of suicide pilots who purposely crashe their planes loaded with explosive into ship. Japanese for divine wind.

  • Kapo: A prisoner in charge of inmates in a German concentration camp.

  • Kristallnacht: German for Night Of The Broken Glass. It refers to the broken windows and shattered storefronts that resulted from German attacks throughout Germany, Austria and the Sudetenland on 11/9/38 - 11/10/38.

  • LOW countries: Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands it refers to their near sea-level elevation.

  • Mulberries: This refers to the artificial harbors composed of six miles of flexible steel floating on pontoons that were towed across the channel and parked off Omaha and Gold Beaches for the offloading of military vehicles and materiel.

  • RPH: Remember Pearl Harbor.

  • RWB: Red, white and blue.

  • VFV: V For Victory.


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