Welcome to the WW2 Homefront Dream Gallery.

No matter what it is that you collect, there are always certain items that are considered to be the pinnacle of the hobby; what forms the "dreams" of collectors. These items are often highly sought after, uncommon to rare, and usually expensive. Examples might be a Mickey Mantle rookie card, a jeweled Route 66 sign, a figural Coon Chicken Inn cigar ashtray, or a one location Bob's Big Boy diner menu.

However this is not always the case. Some items are plain and simply cornerstones of a collection without which a collection is considered incomplete. Examples might include: a zeppelin collection without a newspaper headlining the Hindenburg disaster, a Woodstock collection without an original program, a New York Yankee collection without a Babe Ruth autograph, or a Martin Luther King collection without a March On Washington button. World War 2 homefront is no exception.

What follows are some of the items considered to be the pinnacle of the hobby. A brief description and explanation of the item's significance have been detailed. Approximate pre-2000 prices have been included. If you have or know of items you believe should be included, please forward them in the form of digital photographs to the webmaster.

In the meanwhile, sweet dreams...