Anti-axis Firecracker Pack

Seven Star Brand

This is a package of firecrackers made in China by Lee Yuen Pau Chok under the Seven Star Brand. Careful inspection reveals that as detailed on the label, "every cracker bears a name, tojo, hitler, or mossolini". Note mussolini is misspelled. This collectible demonstrates an important point; that collecting homefront is a lesson in history and geography. Japan had a firm hold in Burma and occupied the Chinese homeland for years before December 7th, 1941. Also they ruled the Pacific in the early years. Access to China was thus very limited. In light of these facts one is forced to question the origin of these firecrackers. How did they get out of China? Did an aircrew bring them out while flying the hump (the Himalayas) or did they find their way out some other way? Not surprisingly, there are only two packs known to exist although a larger pack of jumbo firecrackers is rumored to exist but has never surfaced. This item is featured on Page 70 of "To Win The War". Item measures 3"L x 3 1/2"W.

Estimated value: $ 500.00 ++
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