Victory Swatter

Victory Fly Swatter

U.S. Manufacturing Corporation

The victory fly swatter is one of the cornerstones of a homefront collection. It embodies several crucial themes that permeated the homefront. First, it is Red, White, and Blue; the colors of the United States flag and symbol of patriotism. Second, it is emblazoned with the familiar V icon representing victory. Third, it reads, "This Victory Swatter can't be used to battle the Japs, but the steel saved in the wire handle can". This demonstrates the mobilization of natural resources vital to the war effort and underlying conservation efforts. It measures 4 1/2"L x 18 7/8"W. It is uncommon in pristine condition and rare with it's box that held several. It is featured on the cover of "To Win The War".

Estimated value: $ 125.00 +
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