Japanese Internment Panoramic Photograph

There is no finer piece of japanese internment memorabilia than this rare panoramic photograph. It is an 8" x 14" sepia panoramic photograph of 29 Japanese Americans, all seated facing the camera. 16 are wearing business suits and 14 are wearing army uniforms. Two American officers are seated centrally, probably Camp Savage commanders. This photograph was taken at Camp Savage, Minnesota which was one of the internment camps to which Americans of Japanese ancestry were sent in the hysteria that followed the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor. It appears each has signed the photograph in English with some signing in Japanese as well. It is a compelling photograph of 29 men who happened to have Japanese names and were thus removed from their homes and businesses and interned with their families in this camp. These 29 are part of over 120,000 Japanese-Americans who were sent to camps such as this for the duration of the war to decrease potential security risks.

The Japanese-Americans wearing Army uniforms in this photograph were undoubtedly part of Nisei units that were all-Japanese-American units that were sent to the European front to fight. Some Nisei units went on to become extensively decorated, the most famous being the 442nd Regiment which became the most decorated unit in U.S. military history winning a total of 4,667 medals. This may be the only photograph you ever see in your lifetime of a large group of interned Japanese-Americans including Nisei members signed in their own hand. A staggering internment collectible.

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