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Queen Mary Troopship Life Vest

When Hitler invaded Poland, Britain was forced into the war in defense of Poland. Although they largely stood by while Poland was overrun, they began to slowly mobilize their forces. Luxury liners were converted to troopships as a means of transporting large numbers of soldiers until other ships could be built. This life vest is from the Queen Mary, one of several liners converted. The ship currently resides in Long Beach, California. The vest is clearly marked "Victory" on the back. A heart outline designates the front. There is a variant that says "Queen Mary" on the front. Both have the Liverpool inspection mark on the shoulder. This item blurs the definition of homefront collecting. While technically a combat article, its origin on a civilian form of transportation places it in the domain of homefront collecting. They are very uncommon in good condition with stenciling clearly visible, ropes intact, untorn tabs and a minimum of waterstains. It is a brilliant homefront collectible that crosses several areas of collecting.

Estimated value: $750.00 +
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