Nuts dsplay


Oliver P. Chadwick c. 1940

This witty anti- axis nut display is copyrighted 1940. It features hitler, mussolini and Stalin. It is historically significant in that it reflects American perception of three world leaders prior to the raid on Pearl Harbor. At that time, Stalin rather than hirohito or tojo was perceived to be an American adversary. This proved to be prophetic. Whether or not this item was actually released is unclear. The type of nuts it advertised is as well, unclear. It is commonly displayed with contemporary nuts on hooks. It is uncommon to find in good condition, with Stalin's mustache and the figural heads often damaged. The attached fiberboard stand in back is also frequently damaged. It measures 22 1/4"L x 22"W. This item is featured on Page 53 of "To Win The War".

Estimated value: $500.00 +

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