Financing the War Effort

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    Let's face it - war is expensive. Often it occurs with little notice and requires immediate and overwhelming commitment to prevail. The government must continue paying for its national programs but suddenly has a new financial burden. Inevitably, it must look to its citizens and to other countries for help. During WWII citizens gave money to Uncle Sam by buying war bonds and stamps. Bonds came in different denominations and at maturity paid off an incremented greater amount. Stamps were an ingenious idea to attract lower socioeconomic citizens to contribute. One purchased stamps in much smaller denominations and once so many were accumulated they could be exchanged for a bond. To get citizens to buy bonds and stamps, bond drives were held in all sorts of likely and unlikely locations.

    Tons and tons of paper items were produced that were posted in public places as constant reminders to citizens to pitch in. As a result there are all sorts of goodies to collect. Bond wallets, stamp albums, posters, flyers, cinderellas, decals and stickers to name a few. One of the most coveted of all war finance items are the numerous banks that families (especially children) would use to save their money in. Some exquisite collections abound in the U.S. and make for remarkable displays.


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