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Carlton Ware Hitler Figure

I recently added one of the three and 1/2 inch carlton ware hitler figurines to my collection and decided to do some research on the item. The markings on the piece indicate it was made in the period of 1952-1962 and many carlton ware information sources list the item as a fake. These sources indicate that the piece was made from original WWII molds but the item was not produced due to wartime production restrictions in ENgland during WWII. There is no verification I could find if carlton ware actually made the piece. One seller on ebay claimed it was a members only piece but still did not date it from the war years. If you know more about this item, please share.

Jim Lowe


This raises a great point Jim. Lets say Jim that the piece dates from 52-62. Does that make it less valuable than a wartime date? I have found that Britain cranked out Victory stuff long after the war ended. This was probably due to the savagery of what they suffered which made their victory that much more sweet. And I have several items from the Britain in the 50's that are "anti-axis". So I think they lingered on the victory a bit longer than we did. But having said that, if this Carlton piece is post-war it doesnt really take away from the piece in my opinion. Its still a great, adorable anti-axis item. I guess the essential difference is whether it is a propaganda piece or a decorative piece. If its wartime, its propaganda. If its post-war, its decorative. I guess thats really whats at issue here. And I wish I had the answer.

Frank (WM)

2nd Reply

I made a display spot in my cabinet for my carlton ware Hitler deciding it was indeed an Anti-Axis piece even if it was post war and was pleased to return and see a trusted fellow collector had arrived at the same conclusion. I think a good point is made about Great Britain and their experience in the war. Thanks Frank.



Every once in a while I like to step back and look at WWII Home Front collecting and evaluate the impact of fakes and forgeries within the category. And surprisingly since the last time I did this in 1999 or 2000, not much has changed. Overall this area of collecting is relatively safe and free from fakes and forgeries. We do have to look very hard to find them for this archive. I'm not sure I entirely understand why this sub-area of WWII collecting has been passed over by forgers. I think it is because there is not much money in producing fakes. The benefit to a forger is not significant enough to merit the effort. If there was one place within home front that might be the exception to this it would be the high dollar one-off items. Perfect example was the fake CD helmet in my DIGEST. So my advice would be to be very cautious about one-off high dollar stuff. Otherwise Home Front continues to be for the most part a safe and INEXPENSIVE area of WWII to collect.

Frank (WM)

Saving Private Ryan prop plate auction

Jack Sell's One of a Kind is offering for Buy-It-Now "SAVING RYAN WWII Prop, Matt Damon Autograph Print, DVD, Includes COA for "BUNDLES FOR BRITAIN" Prop PLATE". I know for a fact that he's sold this same collection of items twice and has a third one up for sale.

Either he's buying the pieces individually or he's had the lot returned twice (he says he doesn't take returns). He guarantees that these plates are screen-used. I can't imagine why they'd use 3+ plates for 5 seconds of screen time.

The plate can be had for less than $10 and the DVD for less than $5. The Matt Damon head shot costs $6. He prints up the COA himself, so he's making a $74 profit on this lot. Save yourself some money and buy the pieces separately.


Ebay ID BABYDOPS has been selling SAFEWAY MARKET pinback buttons, and ephemera for years now. Are these items an amazing warehouse find or bogus??? I guess its possible someone dug up a box from the 40's loaded with this stuff. It might make more sense than some maniac deciding OF ALL THINGS to dupe SAFEWAY MARKET stuff. But for some reason I think this stuff is bogus. Have a look and see what you think.

Frank (WM)


The seller Babydops is now using the ebay id 2partysystem. If you look at what they sell under militaria ... they offer the same things they did when they had the id babydops and they are all items that could be copied and in some cases have been. The V for Victory Button Sheet, the Japanese Internment Camp poster and a Japanese Hunting License. I purchased a hunting license from them and it is on very thick paper and very different from the two dozen other Japanese Hunting license I have including another version of the one they sell. In the description it says the are getting rid of some items they no longer collect. If thats th ecase they have gotten rid of quite a few of these items.

Before I posted this I asked them by ebay communication and email how they obtained all of these great items wondering if it were a warehouse find and they never replied.

My advice ...BEWARE.

If someone has a Presidio Notice for Japanse Internment maybe you could compare yours to the one they have as well.



I saw that same V For Victory button label stuck onto small ceramic/wood chamber pot that said something like "Ladies Only". That one RWB VFV button logo has gotten stuck onto at least 5 things I can think of and now at least 3 separate ebay ID vendors have em. Im sure these are boot legged. Probably a real period paper disk glued onto an old item but not originally produced that way.


Along with babydops and 2 partysystem is the seller supershef. They are all registered from the state of Indiana and they sell the same items and are all priced the same with a buy it now price usually a few dollars more than the listed price. Note, I found them with the listing of the RPH mini chamber pot and other similar items.


I have noticed for the past several years ebay seller BABYDOPS has been selling VFV nd RPH button sheets. These are the paper inserts that go in pinback buttons. Nothing unusual about that except then they have had a weird and assorted array of items appearing that seem to have the same button inserts installed on various items. Like a mini chamber pot, mug, and some other oddall items. I can say I have never seen these items with this button insert offered by any other seller. So are these super rare items or some type of fantasy item that is being sold to them or made by them???? I dont know the answer but I think these items except for the button sheets ARE ALL BOGUS!!!!! So have a look and tell me what you think. BTW all BABYDOPS items' prices end in .85 so they are easy to spot. Let me know what you think.

Frank (WM)

Also War relief fakes

Awhile back the same seller had "found" a number of cake plates that had the Bundles for Britain 3" round V sticker shellacked on them. Bundles did sell plates, but they were all good quality transferware from known manufacturers.


Numerous vintage clothing fakes

Be careful when purchasing vintage clothing from WW2.

In addition to reproduction costumes sold as authentic, it is unfortunate but some persons will also snip labels out of clothing and sew onto reproductions, or items not of the era, in addition to placing expensive designer labels into worthless clothing.

Ladies and men's jackets in particular are subject to this cruel jest, and many dealers have been duped.

CM, a 25 year collector of Vintage Clothing. Thanks for the fun site!


I noticed "they" are now producing canned goods with repro WWII posters as labels.

Frank (WM)


I have discovered a seller on ebay ID gtb17 that has opened an ebay store called Kilroys WWII Reproductions. He is copying various paper items in his collection. He has identified them as repro but it is inevitable that these items will find their way into the market. So far the list of items that he has duped include:
WWII French Wine Labels.
WWII Rahr Beer Bottle Labels
WWII LISTERINE toothpaste box.
WWII Thumbtacks IW-9.
WWII VICTRYPAC Cherry Crate Labels.
WWII Isaacs Farm Early June Peas Labels.
WWI Isaacs Farm Lima Bean Labels.
WWII Buxom Melons Fruit Crate Labels.
WWII 1944 Yanke Doodle Root Beer Bottle Labels.
WWII Bock Cooks Beer Labels.
WWII Surfine Apricot Brandy Labels.

And finally, he's stuffing fresh HERSHEY bars into repro labels!!!! (PS. Get A Life...)


Frank (WM)


Thanks to Jim Lowe, a 1/2 pint fake anti-axis milk bottle was spotted. Shows bayonet charging soldier with caption "Yes Adolph Were Coming" with hitler pic above. And back has BUY WAR BONDS, VICTORY and a bomber. No mention of specific dairy on bottle. This is a fantasy item. Thanks Jim.

Frank (WM)


Heads up folks!!!! I took a chance and purchased a hand painted Civil Defense Helmet on Ebay from ebay ID 9504jeff. I just received this item and have appraised it to be fake. I can say with 100% certainty that it is not period paint. It is a cute olive drab helmet with a bomb on the crown with a parachute. The bomb reads TRUMAN'S ATOMIZER. It is falling on Hirohito, Togo, Suzuki as hito points a finger at suzuki. Hito wears a crown. On the brim it says August 15, 1945 Pacific War Ends. We Are Convinced Japanese Unconditional Surrender. VJ on back. This is such a great item to talk about fakes that I am going to do a Homefront Digest on this item and fakes in general called, "Anatomy of a Fake". Look for it soon. Any questions about this item email me. I'll leave the details of my appraisal for the article.

Frank (WM)


I have received a report that VICTORY CHICKEN boxes have been reproduced. I do not have verification of this and my opinion is that the cost of reproducing a cardboard assembleable box is not worth the price that it could be sold for. From a profiteers standpoint the net gain would be negligible. All the ones I have seen have age and foxing. I will work on this and report back.

Frank (WM)

UPDATE! As a follow-up to a report of the Victory Chicken boxes being duped, I think there was a miscommunication. I have never seen a box that was suspect and doubt very much that they could be produced in a fashion that would generate enough profit to justify the dupe costs. I just found a VICTORY CHICKEN CLOCK that is a fantasy item and I believe this is what was actully meant in that mention of duped VICTORY CHICKEN. At this time there is no evidence whatsoever that VICTORY CHICKEN TAKE-OUT BOXES have been duped. You can see the clock at EBAY ID RETROPLANET. Hope this helps

Frank (WM)


These Slidem Solitaire Puzzles on ebay en masse are a fabulous warehousefind, NOT FAKES OR REPROS. NOS!!!! See WWII poster category.

Frank (WM)


Yikes its hard to find a real hitler skunk on ebay now. There are tons of repros. During the period there were about 10 different skunks for sale on the homefront. The one that I am seeing on ebay that is fake is a cast iron version of the period skunk. Look for low price, beige face, and no patina.

Frank (WM)

If the paint is very thin and even barely covering on the skunk feet especially where the blak borders, then it is a fake/repro. The originals had heavy paint on feet. Thanks to Ken Fleck on this point.


Recently a grouping of 8 Nookey Ration Cards came up for bid. I just received the one I bid. It is dated 1943 and is so pristine it looks fake. It is on a bluish paper with an old looking font. My hunch on this is it is a warehouse find. It would be easy to dupe so I am concerned but I think it is a period piece.

Frank (WM)

Yup, this is a period piece. Hard to dupe. Blacklights good.

McVeigh Dairy Give Hitler a Punch Milk Bottle

There is a milk bottle from the McVeigh Dairy with the a printed image on the front of Hitler being punched with the slogan invest 10% in War Bonds and Right in Der Fuehrer's Face.

The MvVeigh Dairy never existed and this is a fake or what some might call a fantasy item.

Additionally, there were other milk bottles made after the war that were reproductions of milk bottles from the war years with popular war slogans. Some of these can be identified because they have 1951 printed on the bottom.

Jim (Homefrontguy)


The familiar postcard of the naked black child that is running with the caption BLACKOUT has been made into a full size poster.

Frank (WM)


Been awhile since I patrolled the Poster category under WWII on ebay. I am shocked at what a SUSSPOOL it has become. There is so much repro garbage on their I think you could probably list 30 genuine posters out of the 900 posts. Who buys this garbage anyhow?? I am really struck at how few genuine posters are showing up. I think the supply has finally dried up. I anticipate poster prices to rise sharply over the next years as this becomes clearer.

Frank (WM)

Reprints of war slogan milk bottles appearing...

If you have ever bid on war slogan milk bottles before, you now how intense the bidding can be. Finally it has happened that some of the war slogan milk bottles have been reprinted. I am trying to obtain a list of those being redone.

Frank (WM)



Frank (WM)


Check Jim Lowe's post in the past about buying wartime posters. Again his points are poignant. Dont buy posters that are an odd size. Watch for a strange finish to the poster like a shine. And know your seller. Real period posters are rapidly disappearing and there is tons of garbage for sale.

Frank (WM)


Frank (WM)

Buying comics is not one of my real areas of expertise. It has a cult following all its own. But I do pay attention to whats happening in the market. Many of the period WWII comics have been reprinted. One of the classic ones is Hitler battles the Daredevil which in CGC 8.5 condition is about 9000.00. So when it comes to buying comics you must really pay attention to who you buy from. CGC comics that have been graded are very expensive, are sold in a plastic container, and are usually reserved for the expensive primo grade copies since the grading process itself is so expensive. So go CGC if you can afford it. But otherwise be very wary of comics that may have been reprinted. My goal is to produce a list of reprinted comics on this site. And the GERBER atlas of comics is a MUST OWN !!!!!


In the period of post-911, entrepreneurs have duped the son-in-service banners. They are for sale on ebay. Must be careful not to pay vintage prices for new stock. I have not personally examined the new banners so I cant comment on telling them apart. Be forewarned they are out there.

Frank (WM)


Frank (WM)

We posted in the past about this RPH topper. Its the topper with two mounting points, long and thin, that has the battleships on it. This is being openly and frequently sold on ebay. It is listed as a repro but other sellers claim to have originals. Be very wary about this topper. Look at the pics on this site in the previous post.


ATTN All Home Front collectors. The V Pinup girl glasses have been duped and are being sold on ebay in droves. There are multiple differences between the originals and the dupes. I will be posting a detailed examination of the two different sets of glasses. For now suffice it to say that the two major areas of differences in the glasses revolve around the copyright logo which is spelled out on the decal in either one line or two lines. Also the colors of the fire hydrant and of the clothes are different on the dupes. So be very careful when buying these. Look for a further post here for details on the colors and on the copyright information to help decipher the two.

How do we know which is fake and which is real??? In our archive we own the original punchboard and a one sheet flyer from the period that show the differences clearly. This is the best evidence of the duppage.

Frank (WM)


Here's the scoop on a new variety of reproduction that has recently been spotted. There are dupes coming out of the famous Uncle Sam planter made by McCoy in the 40's. The way to spot the fakes/repros versus the real ones is first by size. The genuine period McCoy's ie the real McCoys are taller. I'll measure mine and post the actual size in a later post. The repros are shorter by a quarter inch or so. The second way is by color. The origival McCoys came in only 3 colors- white, yellow and aqua/turquoise. If you see another color its bogus. Finally is you look for example, at the stars on the hat. They are struck deeper. Its as if a mold was made from the original planter so that the features are less prominent because they are one generation removed from the genuine. So keep a watch for these repros (2 of which I own accidentally) and watch for the next post on the actual sizes.

Frank (WM)


Marty has called my attention to a pillow sham that I have often thought may be a new production. An awful lot of these are showing up dead mint. That is a warning sign. Pic is posted below. We are not sure on this one so any comments are appreciated... But we are sure suspicious...

Frank (WM)

View sham here


Once again we are pleased to reprint an email we received from Mike Baskette, an engineer at a US printer manufacturer, who has generously contributed his knowledge about spotting items that have been duped on a copier or computer printer...

"Regarding laser printed or copied images... These can be recognized much easier in many cases. In laser printing, the laser does not burn the text onto the paper as some people believe. It merely exposes the image on a photoconductive drum so that the image may be developed using toner. Toner is basically black powdered plastic that is transferred to the paper and then melted or fused into place using heat. Because of this the text is raised above the surface. By rubbing your finger over it, a texture can be sensed that is different from the paper in the areas where there is no printing. WW2 period and modern printing press printed material should have a uniform texture. How easily this texture is perceived will depend on the resolution of the printer or copier being used. Higher resolution machines typically use a finer toner and require less to generate a character on the paper. This makes it harder to detect. However most copies made on an office type copier have very thick toner layers compared to those done with computer printers. On some, a pass of the hand will let you feel every character, line and dot on the page. A press prined document will not have this. If the document has been folded, toner will typically crack and flake off the page exposing the paper under it. Press printed material will not do this. This can be another clue".

Frank (WM)

hitler & anti hitler clocks

From time to time, one of these will pop up. They are usually alarm clocks with a cardboard or paper dial face, with printed or hand drawn images of anti hitler or axis figures. I just saw one on ebay that has hitlers face on it and they are bogus. These started popping up here on the east coast around 1992 and every now and then one of them will show up for sale either on ebay or at a military show.

ken fleck

To view the clock click here


It is with great pleasure that we reprint an email we received from Mike Baskette, an engineer for a US printer manufacturer, who has generously contributed his knowledge about blacklight testing...

"I thought I could add something to this... Black (UV) lights work in general because the whitening agents used in the manufacture of white paper AND CLOTH prior to about 1950 will not fluoresce. Newer items will fluoresce due to modern bleaching agents. However a genuine period item that has been laundered with a modern detergent or bleach may fluoresce as well. So the blacklight test is not a catchall test, just a first level confidence test". "... I think most any UV blacklight will work that is within the UV spectrum. I tend to think that the standard incandescent blacklight bulbs work better than the fluorescent types but this is an opinion and not fact. Only problem is they are not really portable".

Frank (WM)


We have been notified of a banner featuring General MacArthur that has been appearing on EBAY in large quantities and is known to be a rare banner. The probability of a warehouse find is extraordinarily low and we believe this banner to be a new production forgery. We would appreciate any comments.... Thanks...

Frank (WM)

Certificate of Recognition

Picked up over ebay a nice laser color copy of the original "Certificate of Recognition" from the "Tennessee Home Food Supply Program" (the 8 1/2" x 11" copy has vitamin bottles all around the edges in multi colors. A big R/W/B "V" in center adorned by USA-Tennessee flags. This certificate is dated: Nov. 9 1943, and issued to: "Mrs. Minnie Eason, Bells, Tennessee". The seller has offererd me a refund, though says unaware of xerox copy. Considering it was on a piece of board enclosed in plastic...I wonder.

Marty Jacobs


Marty has personally examined this pin and knows it to be a fake. Gold, a soldier standing left and right of a box with RWB horizontal bars and words RPH. Eagle siting atop. This is a NEW pin. Thanks again Marty!!!

Frank (WM)

Click here to view fake RPH pin


Martin Jacobs responded with the following information regarding this RPH pin: Large pin, blue ocean with palm trees and a diving plane. Words Remember Pearl Harbor Dec. 7, 1941. This pin is known to Marty to be a fake.

We are searching for pics of these fakes and will post them when found. Thanks Marty!!

Frank (webmaster)

View fake RPH pin here

Fake RPH Pin #2

Martin Jacobs replied with the following information regarding this RPH pin: Gold color, Eagle with glass pearl in center. Words Remember Pearl Harbor. Marked "LN" on the back. This pin is known to Marty to be a fake. Contact him for any further info.

Frank (webmaster)


Martin Jacobs replied today with the following info on this pin: Gold color, USA flag, words Remember Pearl Harbor in scroll and marked "LN" on the back. He knows this pin to be a fake. Contact him for more info.

Frank (webmaster)

Tons Of Color Xerox Garbage Appearing For Sale...

I have noticed tons of color xerox garbage appearing for sale on EBAY. Who buys this stuff?? It is not and never will be worth anything... I have also noticed some vendors hide the info that it is a copy down in the text. So if you don't read the text, you get burned and can't return it. Moral of the story: Read the auction text...If it seems too cheap, there's a reason...

Frank (webmaster)

RWB Pillsbury V Ad 8 1/2" x 11" Duped

I have received a notification that the same lady named Ruth in Florida that duped the Isaacs Can Label also duped a Pillsbury red, white and blue magazine ad with prominent V, 8 1/2" x 11". My what a prolific forger she is... Get a life Ruth !!!

Frank (webmaster)

Isaacs Farm V Can Label Printer In Florida

I received an early morning email regarding a woman in Florida named Ruth who duped the Isaacs Farm Lima Bean Can label and was offering them for sale. I suspect there are then, period labels and dupes. The blacklight test will be essential in differentiating which are the recent prints. I need to find out if the blacklight test will pick up laser printed fakes. Stay tuned.

Frank (webmaster)

View genuine label here


We really have to scrape to find items for this fakes archive. I guess the good news is that the homefront arena of collecting has not been hit real hard by fakes and forgers yet. We will continue to watch closely and police the playing field. If we think something's fishy, we'll post it here quick. We are closely policing our collections internally as well looking for suspicious items. Stay tuned...

Frank (webmaster)

hitler Carnival Knockdown From Australia Questionable...

Someone in Australia featured a carnival knockdown in the likeness of hitler on EBAy in Oct 99. I spoke with Ken Fleck and he felt that were some serious doubts in its provenance and hence authenticity. I think the item went RESERVE NOT MET. If it surfaces again beware. Its a high dollar item that may have been made in a barn. We are searching for the pic.

Frank (webmaster)


Martin Jacobs, email reported in a recent article in Antique Trader that some RPH pins have been copied. I am trying to hunt down the details. Keep your eye on this site for details or contact Marty direct. I'll post as soon as able.

Frank (webmaster)


The War Workers Banner with the blue border and W made up of two overlapping red and blue V's has been duped. The originals are often sold in the original tube where they were mailed rolled up. Despite the tube, originals still have moisture stains on all the ones I've seen. The guy in Stockton, Calif. has the real ones in the tube. I forget his EBAY ID. There has been a known warehouse find on these. So one must differentiate period from fake. Blacklight test might be VERY handy for these!!!

Frank (webmaster)

The Honolulu Star-Bulletin Dec. 7th, 1941 Duped!!!

The valuable issue of the Honolulu Star-Bulletin of Dec. 7, 1941 has been duped by at least 4 different companies. More fakes than genuine abound... Look carefully for resolution in the photos...

Frank (webmaster)

Fake V PINUP Glass "Air Warden" Spotted!!!

News recently arrived that someone has produced a sticker/label of the Air Warden pinup girl and is applying it to glasses and marketing them as genuine. These glasses can be 200.00 a set so it is of considerable concern that someone is out there deceiving buyers. We are searching for a photo. We'll post it when we get it and more details as they arrive.. Until then, CAVEAT EMPTOR!!!!

Frank (webmaster)

WWII 1st Sgt. Bank

I've been seeing a number of these banks pop up from time to time and just wanted you all to know that they are not of WWII vintage. While in the PA. Natl. Guard in the early 70's, I bought one of these banks at "SEARS" and gave it to my 1st Sgt., who by the way - looked just like the bank, as a gag birthday present. They are either chalkware or ceramic in construction with a rubber stopper on the bottom.

Ken Fleck


Reports are coming in now that some farm certificates appearing on EBAY are laser written forgeries being marketed as genuine.If you are going to bid on these be sure to get a money back guarantee and find out the provenance... Be sure you let us know what you think about the item when you receive it. See our link for a photo !

Frank (webmaster)

View certificate here

V Morse Code Fishing Lure VERY SUSPECT !!!

We posted today a fishing lure under V For Victory Miscellaneous that has morse code on the lure. If you look carefully at the metal treble hooks there is no corrosion or patina. It looks new. I suspect this is a fantasy item just like the hitler lure.

Frank (webmaster)

View lure here

The Blacklight Test

For those of you who do not know what the blacklight test is, it is a test that gives a collector some idea of how new an item is. Newer items tend to glow, older ones do not. I need to dig up the correct wavelength of the light one needs to use and some details and I'll post them here. This simple test which stamp collectors have used for many years can really bail you out of a bad deal. It is very useful for example in buying holocaust items such as armbands and clothing from concentration camps which morbidly, are being duped in record numbers.

Frank (webmaster)

Szyck hitler/mussolini/tojo print has been duped!!!

An 11x14 Szyck print has been duped and is appearing on ebay. I'll try to get a pic of it up and listed on this site. It is a great print but so new and so perfect I know it would fail the blacklight test. Stay tuned and be careful until I get the pic up on the site.

Frank (webmaster)

View fake Szyck print here


A lot of ads chopped out of magazines are being sold for 2-11.00 each. A ripoff if there ever was one. You can buy the whole magazine loaded with ads for 4-15.00. Just an opinion...

Frank (webmaster)

Japanese Exclusion Order Has Been Duped!!!!

A similar item to the Japanese Internment posters was produced in 1942. They are called Exclusion posters and sadly, have been duped. I have a sneaky feelng by the same enterprising criminal who laser printed the internment posters. Look for wear. Smell the poster. Do a blacklight test. If the paper feels too light to be posted on a telephone pole, it's probably bogus.

Frank (webmaster)

American Transfer Displays A Definite Warehouse Find!!

The American Transfer Displays of 144 tatoos are a definite warehouse find, NOT REPRO. They were found en masse in a midwest warehouse still in the original wrappers. You can buy these with confidence. They look beautiful shrink wrapped to foamboard.

Frank (webmaster)

View transfers here


The pinback button KILROY WAS HERE BUY WAR BONDS has been duped and is appearing all over EBAY. I have seen one genuine for every 20 bogus. Beware. Follow the pinback guidelines eluded to earlier.

Frank (webmaster)

View button #1 here
View button #2 here

hitler punchboard "TAKE A PUNCH" hmmmm!!!

The penny punchboards called "Take A Punch" are appearing MINT in record numbers. And they are coming out of the Cleveland area.Warehouse find or repro???? Would have been expensive to dupe and prices at auction do not reflect this expense... What do you think??? My gut says warehouse find..

Frank (webmaster)

View punchboard here

Reddy Kilowatt Pinback buttons BOGUS !!!!

I believe that the Reddy Kilowatt pinback buttons and the Pencil clips have been duped!! There are a ton of them appearing on EBAY. I would keep this in mind if you bid. Great looking item but stinks of repro...

Frank (webmaster)


Antique stores are beginning to carry reprints of famous banner headline newspapers. The major WWII ones are included.They look surprisingly rustic for new papers. Don't be fooled. The key is to look at how the pictures reprint. On old papers each dot of the picture is distinguishable. On the copies resolution is lost and the dots run together. Don't be fooled !!!

Frank (webmaster)


Reports are starting to come in that certain RPH banners and VFV banners are being duped. Keep a watch here for details as they emerge.

Frank (webmaster)

Propaganda Postcard Reprints

The National Archives is reprinting famous WWII propaganda posters on postcards. I am seeing them on EBAY marked as period pieces. Careful!!!

Frank (webmaster)

Japanese Internment Posters

Beware of the Japanese Internment posters. They were issued in 1942 and posted in public places like telephone poles etc. instructing people of Japanese ancestry where to report for internment. There are a series of fakes circulating which are done on light paper, almost as if laser printed. Be sure your item has good weight to the paper. Too light = bogus. How light is light? Unfortunately, you need to see them side by side. Just keep a high index of suspicion though.

Frank (webmaster)


I just wanted to expand on Ken Fleck's comments regarding pinbacks. There are more fake than real antiaxis pinbacks appearing. "Exterminate These Rats", "Wanted For Murder", "Hell With hitler", are almost surely bogus. They should have a patina and show wear to the metal surfaces. Once you have seen them side by side, hard to mistake them. Be very careful buying pinbacks. If you see too many of something, probably been duped !!!

Frank (webmaster)

View button here


There is some guy on EBAY, ID Coast88 or something like that, selling dozens of a fiberboard license plate that has a red V on it. blue background, and small Mobil logo. I bought one a year ago from him. Since then he has sold many. Wherehouse find or bogus ??? It is listed under V, automotive, license plates on this site. Have a look. I am very suspicious of this plate.

Frank (webmaster)

View plate here

Repo: Pinball Back Glass

A company by the name of CSSK Amusements of York, Pa. is reproducing hand silk-screened back glass using the original art for accuracy. Their product is supposed to be numbered with a certificate of authenticity, which I'm sure when in the wrong hands, will be passed off as vintage. These have been on the market since at least May 1999. Their first one is "Bomb The Axis Rats" and sold for $299.00.

Ken Fleck


Beware of reproduction posters from the National Archives.



There are a variety of reproductions of WWII posters available. Many were made for educational or promotional purposes without the intent of fooling collectors, however they do sometimes find there way into antique shops and auctions especially. Look out for glossy paper and strange variations in the size of the posters.

Jim Lowe

Victory Throat Lozenges Copied

Store called Restorations in California has copied VICTORY THROAT LOZENGES.A matter of time till they start appearing on EBAY. BEWARE!!!

These lozenges also came in a large tin that is being sold as a period item. I will post a photo of it. Its a great tin but is a LATE production of the famous WWII item...


View lozenges here

Anti-Axis Pin-Back Buttons

I don't have to go in depth with this subject. They are making several different types of buttons and you would have to be blind not to see the difference from the period made pieces. Just a few; "Wanted for Murder", "Kill the Rats" & "Kick'em in the Axis". A rule of thumb, if they look too new - they probably are.

Ken Fleck

Anti-axis painted Helmets

Back in 1995 at the MAX Show in Pittsburgh, Pa. I saw, and almost bought one of these helmets. It was a WWII German Helmet with anti-axis slogans and scenes painted all over it and was being offered by one of the leading Great Britain Militaria dealers. Since the price had been $400 I balked at buying it. Good thing, as I was later told that the paint was only about 2 weeks old. Please be careful of these type items and know who you buy from !!!

Ken Fleck

Winchester Hitler Head Fishing Lure

During a recent feverish bidding war on ebay for one of these ditty's, with the box, I was put in touch with the godfather of Winchester collectibles and was told that this item NEVER EXISTED. Someone, a few years back, made a bunch of them with boxes that were made up of anti-axis advertising from other items. Needless to say, they look very real and could fool even the most advanced collector.

Ken Fleck

Re: Winchester Hitler Head Fishing Lure

This E-bay thing is getting out of hand. More fake than real stuff is on that site! I was warned many times by good people monitoring that site! Especially watch out for anti-axis Jewish items!!!!! Some notorious fakes of Jewish war items are floating around!

Charlie Cortazzo

Antiaxis bowling pins copied!!!!

A well known collector had the famous and covetted antiaxis bowling pins seen on the cover of "To Win The War" copied. There was no ill will intended. Rather he just wanted to reproduce and sell a few sets. Be very careful if you run across these items. Check the provenance carefully. If these copies get into wrong hands they could be sold as genuine. They were done very well.

Frank (webmaster)

Buying items in general

Just a quick note of common sense. KNOW WHO YOU BUY FROM !!! Ask around and see if the person has a good rep or not. Ask for a written 100% money back guarantee. If the person or dealer balks at giving you one, walk away. If they try to give you a mile long line of BS about the piece or why they can't guarantee it, walk away. Check with one of us here at Frank's website as we are all here to help one another.

Ken Fleck

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