During WWII, Walt Disney committed his Burbank, California studio and artists to the creation of material to further the war effort. They created several animated features the most famous of which and rated close to the top of the 100 most influential and important animated features, was Donald Duck in Nutziland later called Der Fuehrers Face. They were also contracted to do advertisements for various companies such as Lockheed that could be found in period magazines such as the Saturday Evening Post. They created a whole group of squadron insignia that could be found on the back of Pepsi Cola matchbooks, in Los Angeles Herald Examiner stamp books, and on patches worn by aviators. Disney created childrens books that were nothing short of propaganda pieces depicting for example, nazis as The Big Bad Wolf. The studio also participated in various wartime campaigns such as the California based campaign to improve wartime nutrition to help increase factory productivity. From these campaigns classic posters of Disney characters such as Pluto, Goofy and Donald Duck doing war work emerged.

Vintage Disney items are very scarce, fetch dizzying amounts at auction, and are heavily collected. They remain close to the top of the homefront food chain. A Der Fuehrers Face Poster easily fetches over 1000.00 at auction. We will struggle to post whatever we can find of the Disney items but due to scarcity this archive will be slow in growing.

The Lesjack Gallery of Wartime Disneyanna

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