May - June 2006

Welcome back to WW2HOMEFRONT.COM's Collector Tip Of The Month. This month we are sending you to a website that will make your collection the Cats Meow.

Any experienced collector knows that investment in display can do wonders in enhancing a collection. It enhances a collection in several ways. A properly displayed collection helps prevent damage and breakage. Also it enhances a collectors enjoyment of and enthusiasm for, collecting. It also enhances visitors and potential buyers enjoyment as well and potentially could help you fetch a larger sum for your collection should you decide to sell. So investing in nice display paraphernalia can really be a worth while endeavor. And if things get slow and the items arent rolling in for whatever reason, you can always fall back on making what you have look better. That is something I do a lot.

I have searched far and wide for display paraphernalia but just recently I found the very best source for acrylic display cases. Go to and have a look around. These folks are located in Hamilton, Ohio and the company is Specialty Plastics. These guys are the gods of acrylic and if you've ever wanted to display something nicely, these are the guys to make your dream come true. I bought 6 wall cases for my exam rooms in my private practice. With sliding locking doors these are just fabulous. So have a look around their site. These guys are a truly great connection and the acrylic masters I have been searching for over the last 5 years. God bless the Internet !!!!! Enjoy and we'll see ya back here next time with another gold nugget. Till then, happy prospectin' !!!!