Welcome to our first installment of the newest WW2HOMEFRONT.COM yellow box marquis feature. This month we solve a problem that may have been driving you crazy. It sure was me.

If you are a general home front collector, if you specialize in civil defense or if you are a V for Victory collector you probably have come across the blackout light bulbs or the V light bulb and you may have purchased one or more. Now they are in your collection lying in a drawer or on a shelf and are prone to scratching or breakage.

This display idea solved my bulb issue (got about 5 different). I went to Home Depot and bought a porcelain light socket on a base. Just set that on your table or in your showcase and the bulb is now beautifully displayed, less prone to breakage and less likely to get scratched.

These bases come in 2 types, plastic and porcelain. The plastic is very light and doesnt give me the stability I want so I went with the porcelain and am very happy. Cost ??? I paid $1.37 for it at Home Depot this week. Deal of the century for a collector! You'll notice when you get it home it doesn't sit flat. That's because the two screws on the back are preventing it. Remove them with a Phillips head screwdiver and you're set.

I found that not all Home Depot's stock the item. Lowe's does not carry the porcelain. So call ahead.

Hope that helps you out. See ya next month with another golden nugget. Have a great month prospectin' !!!