On behalf of the staff of WW2HOMEFRONT.COM and myself, we are pleased to announce the recent acquisition of the Ken and Mady Fleck Anti-Axis collection. Ken and Mady managed to compile the most extensive archive of Anti-Axis memorabilia in the nation over a period of 18 years: from 1987 to 2005. They won multiple awards at assorted military and antique shows and the collection is published in part, in no less than 7 books. The items within the collection were continually upgraded and thus many of the finest specimens known to exist are a part of this collection. The number of "one off" items is staggering.

On a personal note I must say Ken is one of the most astute collectors I have ever met and one of the most honest and straightforward people I have ever dealt with. I was thrilled to host Ken last May here in Palm Springs and while we live quite a distance apart, forged a friendship that will last a lifetime. We are grateful to the Flecks for trusting in us to care for these item that they collected from coast to coast over those many years. As many of the items have never been photographed we look forward to posting some of these amazing pieces for your enjoyment. Thanks again to Ken and Mady for being great people and great friends!

This acquisition has led me to do some thinking. After much deliberation I finally decided to form a living trust which has now been completed. My entire archive of Home Front memorabilia which now includes the Fleck collection has been placed in Trust with the National D-Day Museum in New Orleans. Upon my death my items will be relocated to the museum for internment for posterity. I am now just a caretaker and compiler of a collection destined for the public eye.

Frank Arian, MD