It is hard to dispute that the dropping of the atomic bombs in August 1945 was one of the most crucial events of the 20th century, as or more important than the lunar landing of July 1969. America's greatest minds were assembled in a remote portion of New Mexico on a project labeled Manhattan. It was a race against the Nazis to harness the power of the atom and losing the race meant immeasurable hardship and perhaps the end of freedom and liberty as we knew it. Manhattan was obviously top secret as was the dropping of the atomic bombs. Thus collectible items are difficult to find from this period. Yet once the bombs were dropped and possession by the U.S. no longer hidden, lots of collectible items emerged like atomic bomb toys and banks for example. And as the years passed actual declassified Manhattan documents emerged and are finally finding their way into collector's hands. Insignia for Manhattan personnel has also emerged. Many of the most interesting and tongue-in-cheek items are those nuclear information pamphlets which demonstrate how completely foolish we were and how little we knew. Included in this section are collectibles from pre-1945 (very scarce) through Russia's detonation of their first nuclear device in 1949. There are many interesting items available and make for a great collection.

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