Roosevelt held the Office of the President from 1932 to his death in 1945. He had almost completed 4 terms as President of the United States. While it was expected that the incumbent President would win the elections, particularly in wartime as Commander in Chief, vocal opponents still ran for office. These elections were heated, inflamed by the passions of the developing and ultimately raging war. As a result, many campaign gimmicks and hence collectibles were produced. These items are cross collectibles coveted by political memorabilia collectors as well as WWII buffs.

In addition to the wartime campaign trail, there were the pressing duties of the Office of the Presidency. The Allied leaders met on several occasions to discuss major war issues. These conferences were held around the world and of utmost secrecy. Afterall, with hitler's spies spread out across the globe forming a vital German intelligence network, the opportunity to kill all three Allied leaders in one swoop, would have proved irresistible to the opportunistic hitler. Some of these conferences included: Yalta, Potsdam, Teheran, Washington among others. There are a good number of collectibles relating to these strategic rendezvous' and are avidly sought by collectors.

Finally, WWII brought countries together perhaps as never before united in a common cause. This led to discussions regarding the formation of a neutral international political body. Ultimately, the United Nations emerged from these efforts and remains an important although at times a marginally effective entity for the resolution of international conflicts. Lots of United Nation collectibles were created in the immediate postwar period and are the subject of several specialized collections.

The United Nations

Campaigning On The Homefront