Homefront Advertising

    The purpose of advertising is to sell a product or service. In order to do this advertisers try to make the product or service appeal to the consumer. During wartime, a number of different approaches exist to meet this end. The most common theme during WWII was that the purchase and use of the product supported the war effort in some way. It could be that the product used alternative materials thus freeing up needed raw materials for materiel. Another approach was by saying that the product was produced in a more streamlined fashion freeing up manpower for other production needs. And another approach was to convince the user the product saved them time so their personal productivity could be increased.

    Instead of improving war products often advertisers tried to appeal to the frenzy of patriotism that propaganda kept at a peak. Red, white and blue was used on everything often with the ubiquitous V. In effect, advertisers suggested if you were a patriotic American you should buy this. Hoards and hoards of items are available and some collectors have reconstructed period larders. The area of homefront advertising is very popular today and some absolutely fabulous collections abound. In general, homefront advertising pieces hold their value and become precious heirlooms to be handed down.

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